NBA Ratings Continue To Fall, But UFC Is Up


Lebron and the NBA are falling on hard times as they venture deeper into social justice.


As the NBA continues to struggle to attract the sort of viewership it had last year, the UFC is seeing the opposite happen.

Despite meaningful postseason basketball being played on a daily basis, NBA Playoff viewership has dropped from 2.39 million average viewers in 2019 to 1.68 million in 2020. That is a 30 percent decline.

Meanwhile, the UFC’s four preliminary cards since the promotion returned from its COVID-inspired hiatus have done an average of 1.17 million viewers across ESPN and ESPN+. That number is up 30 percent from what pay-per-view preliminary cards did in 2019.

Mind you, UFC pay-per-view preliminary cards largely feature unknown or past-their-prime talents. It is unsurprising that, on average, NBA Playoff games would draw more viewers. What is significant, however, is the fact that average UFC ratings are trending upwards at a time when the NBA’s are trending downward.

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