NATO Official Discovers SHOCKING Secret About Obama, Turns Up Dead


Barack Obama is already considered by most to be the biggest traitor ever to sit in the Oval Office.

But his treachery runs far deeper than we realize. Shocking new details are sure to surface for years to come.

But woe to those whose job it is to dig up those secrets. People like Obama and the Clintons don’t usually let them live very long.

Last week, Yves Chandelon, the chief auditor for NATO, was found dead in Belgium.

Why is that significant? Because Chandelon had recently been looking into a major increase in US funding to NATO.

He was also investigating how Western funds seemed to be reaching ISIS and other terror groups. There was a possible connection.

But Chandelon was not able to do his work free from harassment. He had complained of threatening phone calls in recent weeks. Just as he was looking into the activities of the Obama Administration.

Suspicious Circumstances

His death was dismissed as a suicide. But there were a LOT of discrepancies.

First, as mentioned, Chandelon had been receiving threatening phone calls related to his investigation.

Second, family members noted that he was left handed. But the gun with which he supposedly killed himself was found in his right hand.

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Third, the weapon found on Chandelon’s body was unregistered. But Chandelon owned three registered weapons. If he was going to kill himself, why not just use one of those?

Lastly, Chandelon’s body was found miles away from where he worked and lived. Nowhere close to where he spent his days.

H/T YourNewsWire

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