NASA Photographer Survives Fierce Home Invasion, Gets 3 Shots in at Point-Blank Range Before Attacker Can Kill Him


A veteran NASA photographer saved himself and his wife from potential death during a violent home invasion — thanks to their legal firearm.

David and Lisa DeHoyos of Pearland, Texas, had just gone to bed on April 17 when they heard a crash downstairs.

The noise occurred when a man threw a cinder block through a window while breaking into the DeHoyos’ house.

“I heard a commotion going on downstairs, and I thought, ‘Well, that’s more than our two cats,’” David DeHoyos told KHOU-TV. “I have a firearm … I keep a pistol, and I grabbed it.”

He said he went downstairs and saw a man who was wielding a hammer. The suspect then lunged at DeHoyos.

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