Nancy’s Worst Nightmare: Food Stamp Recipients PLUNGE to 8 Year Low


The number of Americans receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance -better known as Food Stamps- plunged to the lowest level in eight years; signaling a recovering US economy under President Trump and the GOP-led Congress.

The new statistics released by the USDA show that approximately 40 million people were enrolled in the SNAP program as of March 2018; levels not seen since February 2010 when roughly 39.6 million Americans received assistance.

The data is yet another indicator of a healthy economy heading into the third quarter of 2018, with millions of Americans going back to work and earning higher wages following the GOP-led tax cuts.

Last week, the Commerce Department released a stunning report that showed an inverted job index for the first time in US history, with more positions available than American workers to fill them.

Read the report here.

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