Nancy Pelosi’s Family Member Lands Senior Adviser Position At Dept. Of Housing And Urban Development


A member of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s family has taken a key role in the Biden administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Alexis Pelosi has been appointed as a senior adviser in HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development, the department announced Monday. The office is centered on ensuring continuity of service and livability in government-assisted areas. It ensures job availability, assistance to local businesses, real estate acquisition, demolition, and more.

Alexis Pelosi is married to real estate attorney Laurence Pelosi, who is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. Ron Pelosi is the brother of Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. Ron’s son Laurence is married to Alexis, who took the job at HUD beginning in January, according to her LinkedIn page.

Alexis was a founder at Pelosi Ziblatt Law Group with her husband, who still works for the firm. The law firm is one of the premier investment and real estate law firms in California and is responsible for development deals involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

“The Pelosi Ziblatt Law Group is honored to represent some of the top real estate developers, businesses, investment firms, and corporations in California,” the firm states on its website, “and our client list keeps growing.”

HUD has been staffing up recently, as… (Read more)

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