Nancy Pelosi Opens Pandora’s Box. The Democratic Party is Screwed!


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is going whole hog in her reaction to sweeping allegations of sexual harassment.

What started with Hollywood producers could soon bring down much of the upper echelons of the Democratic Party, if Pelosi and her feminist colleagues aren’t careful.

Charges of sexual harassment and outright abuse have brought Hollywood to its knees, and politicians are next on the hit list.

The incredible (though not unsurprising) thing, considering liberals’ moral grandstanding, is that the vast majority of those being charged with such misconduct are Democrats.

But that didn’t seem to phase Pelosi, who, as usual, might not really understand what’s going on. Nevertheless, she got out there and insisted that “any credible allegation of sexual harassment must be investigated by the Ethics Committee.”

But see, that’s going to really bite the Democrats in the ass.

Because, again, most of the culprits are Democrats.

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It wasn’t long after Pelosi made that statement that her fellow Democratic feminist Rep. Zoe Lofgren called for an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by Democratic Rep. John Conyers.

Remember, Pelosi spoke of “credible allegations.”

So, what was the basis of the charge against Conyers? Was it a credible source?

Well, maybe, if you consider BuzzFeed to be credible.

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And that right there is the moment the Democrats opened the door to their own demise.

If each and every BuzzFeed or similar media allegations is to be taken seriously, then they are in for a world of hurt. Because, while innocent until proven guilty might be how things work in a court of law, the very opposite is true in the media.

Source: ABC News

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