Nancy Pelosi Loses It During Address to Disgruntled Democrats


This could be the end, not only for Nancy Pelosi, but for the Democratic Party as we know it.

The “Old Guard” simply isn’t getting the job done, and party members have just about run out of tolerance for their lame politics.

As the torchbearer of the Old Guard Democratic policies, Nancy Pelosi is skating on thin ice.

During an address to the Progressive Caucus Strategy Center Summit in Baltimore on Friday, Pelosi had to practically beg the audience to applaud and support the Democratic leadership’s new economic policies.

After presenting the party’s “Better Deal” platform, Pelosi was struck by the meager response from those gathered.

She pleaded with them:

“I hope you pay attention, because people say, ‘Oh a Better Deal, that’s not too romantic, I’m not too inspired by it.’ You know, be inspired by the unity of it, that our members came together — House and Senate, by the way — on it.”

It’s just much too little, much too late for average Democrats.


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