Nancy Pelosi Goes On ‘The View’ To Call For Trump Impeachment – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down


House minority leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on The View on Monday, and things quickly got awkward when Joy Behar asked her about the possibility of impeaching Donald Trump.

The Daily Caller reported that Pelosi appeared to get uncomfortable as soon as Behar brought up the fact that James Comey is testifying this week in relation to the FBI’s investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“He is expected to say that basically Trump pressured him to end his investigation into Russia,” Behar said. “Which sounds like obstruction of justice. Is this a serious bombshell and is it grounds for impeachment?”

“You knew she’d get to that word right?” Pelosi explained. “When that word comes up I always say to my colleagues in the congress and my constituents and people across the country what I said before. Anything has to be based on data, evidence, facts. So you can speculate, but it’s got to be the law and the facts.”

“Well, but Trump already admitted on television that he said this to Comey,” Behar interjected. “That he said to please stop the investigation into Michael Flynn. He said it, what more proof do we need?”

“Well I think the American people need solid evidence,” Pelosi answered.

“That’s solid,” Behar snapped at the congresswoman.

Pelosi then began laughing awkwardly.

“So again, let’s all take a deep breath,” Pelosi said. “Let’s just calm down as a country. This is a very serious matter.”

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“There’s a possibility of obstruction of justice…flirting with it in any event coming out of the White House,” she added. “This is bigger than Democrats and Republicans. It’s bigger than politics. It’s about our democracy and the Russians undermining it and doing it in other countries. And they’ll try to do it again.”

Twitter users immediately slammed Pelosi for this odd appearance:

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