MUTINY! They’re Trying to Take Down Trump!


There are certain powers that the President of the United States is supposed to enjoy in order to execute his duties.

In a major slap to our democracy, Democrats and liberals are doing everything possible to deny Trump those powers so that he’ll be unable to do his job.

First, it was Obama traveling abroad and making what sounded conspicuously like foreign policy statements, even though he has no right any longer to determine foreign policy.

Now, former Attorney General Eric Holder has essentially called for a mutiny against Trump in the Justice Department!

From The Hill:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder says Justice Department leaders should “push back” against President Trump, who contends he has an “absolute right” to run the nation’s law and order agency.

Holder called Trump’s statement “dangerous” and “irresponsible,” adding that it “flies in the face of over 200 years of American history.

“It flies in the face of the way in which every American president, Republican and Democrat, has viewed the Justice Department,” Holder told several reporters in a Senate hallway shortly after he watched Alabama’s new Sen. Doug Jones (D) get sworn in.

“It is dangerous, it is irresponsible, and it is something that I hope the people who are in the Justice Department now will push back on very, very strongly.

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