ALERT: Muslims in US Told to Deceive American Hosts


America’s Muslim population is growing, fast. So it’s important to know that many Muslims may fake friendship, but few actually mean it.

That is if you take seriously the rulings of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA).

The AMJA regularly issues fatwas (Islamic religious declarations) that devout Muslims will see as binding.

In a 2009 fatwa, the AMJA determined that Muslims in the US must not befriend non-Muslims, except in deception or in response to possible danger.

Who is the AMJA? They aren’t very prominent in the media. And many might say that as such we shouldn’t worry too much what the group says.

But the clerics behind the AMJA are clever. They stay out of the limelight, but their influence reaches far and wide.

At their 2014 conference, for instance, the AMJA trained 200 imams who were then sent out to head mosques across America.

Their teachings and rulings are reaching a large percentage of Muslims in the US. And what they are saying is to not integrate, but rather to remain a fifth column ready to strike America when called upon.

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