Muslims Stop Working to Pray, Get BRUTAL Wake-Up Call From Boss


Muslims who continue to impose their religion and culture on us instead of integrating are going to find themselves out in the cold.

Just ask the dozen or so Somalia Muslims employed by Ariens Manufacturing in Green Bay.

Like many American workplaces, Ariens had tried for years to accommodate its Muslim employees.

Ariens Muslim prayer time

But the twice-a-day work stops to pray were causing a major problem.

All the rest of the factory’s employees would have to also either stop working or pick up the slack for the Muslims.

So the Ariens management came up with a pretty reasonable solution: anyone who wants to pray must do so during regularly scheduled breaks.

But, of course, the Muslims weren’t willing to be reasonable. It’s their way, or no way.

Well, as far as Ariens is concerned, it’s their way, or the highway.

All employees have now been required to sign a new prayer-on-the-job policy that permits them to take breaks only during officially scheduled times.

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And anyone who doesn’t like it can leave.

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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