Muslims Offer Rancher $2M to Build Mosque, His Response is EPIC


It would have set up John O’Leary for life. Two million dollars is a lot of money, and WAY more than the asking price for his ranch.

But the identity of the buyers and what they planned to do with the land compelled him to make a stunning counter-offer.

O’Leary owns the Gainsborough Equestrian Centre in Golden Grove in Australia.

He had listed the property for sale, asking $1.79 million.

A group of Muslim immigrants looking to impose a little Sharia Law jumped at the opportunity, offering a cool $2 million to sweeten the deal.

Then O’Leary shocked everyone.

“Australia needs to remain in Australia,” Mr. O’Leary told local media. “We want Australia to remain westernized.”

The rancher was not at all pleased with the group’s plans to build a 1,000-seat community center and mosque with the goal of instilling Islamic values (Sharia Law) in the local population.

O’Leary let them know EXACTLY what he thought about that:

“We don’t want Muslims coming into this country. They don’t assimilate… and the fact they take over suburbs and won’t allow Australians in their own suburbs.”

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What do you think? Was Mr. O’Leary right to call out Muslim immigrants in this way?

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