Muslims Make Sick Demand of Top American University, and It’s No Coincidence They Chose This Particular School


The Islamic assault on our nation just reached a new level after Muslims forced a top American university to do something that can only be described as shameful.

And it was certainly no coincidence that they chose this particular university to make this particular point.

The disgraceful incident in question happened at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

There, Muslim pressure resulted in the university administration BANNING a 9/11 memorial. Students had planned to set 3,000 small American flags to honor those killed in the worst terrorist attack ever perpetrated against our nation.

And the university told them “NO!”

The administration issued a statement that the memorial could not be held so as to “avoid messages that are triggering, harmful, or harassing” toward Muslim and other anti-American students.

Can you imagine any other nation on earth allowing itself to be so humiliated by its enemies?

What is wrong with us?

Oh, and remember when I noted that it was no coincidence that this happened at SMU? It just so happens that SMU is where President George W. Bush’s presidential library is located.

You remember George W. Bush, the man who was president when 9/11 happened, the man who took us to war in response to that heinous attack?

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It’s very telling that at the very place where Bush’s legacy is remembered, patriotic students are forbidden from publicly memorializing all those Americans killed in the 9/11 attacks.

And believe me, the Muslim elements behind this pressure know full well what they’ve done.

Source: The College Fix

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