Muslims in Indiana are Going BALLISTIC Over This New Billboard


Indiana may soon face a major Muslim uprising if billboards like this continue to pop up along major highways.

Strategically positioned on the east side of Indianapolis, a BOMBSHELL billboard paid for by a group called “Truthophobes” openly mocks Islam’s Prophet Mohammed.

Under the headline “The Perfect Man,” the billboard lists several facts about Mohammed’s life, including his marrying a 6-year-old girl, beheading hundreds of Jews, and slaughtering untold numbers of “infidels.”

Liberals and local Muslims are OUTRAGED.

Fox 59 reports that the Muslim Alliance of Indiana is now planning its own series of billboards to “spread a message of peace and kindness.”

What’s also likely is that other Muslim groups are planning a response of a very different kind.

Likewise sidestepped by the mainstream media is that Christianity and Jesus are routinely mocked far more mercilessly than this, and there’s never any concern of a violent Christian response.

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