Muslims In Atlanta Encourage Children To CUT Themselves With Knives


The hideous bloody scene you’re seeing isn’t taking place in Pakistan or Afghanistan. It’s happening in America.

And, as Sharia points out, this is being carried out by “Muslims from an ACLU / DOJ state-sanctioned mosque”

It’s happening in Atlanta, Georgia, where Shiite Muslim settlers are commemorating Ashura, a Muslim festival marking the death of Caliph Hussein bin Ali, a grandson of Mohammed, who feuded with another Caliph who was Mohammed’s nephew by marriage. Hussein Ali’s death was a pivotal moment in the rise of Shiite Islam and its feud with Sunni Islam.

Shiite Muslims commemorate his death through self-mutilation with knives, chains and flails. The adults and children here are using a Zanjeer which consists of five knives attached by a chain to a stick. The knives are usually sharpened on both sides.

The children don’t appear to be too enthusiastic about the ritual and aren’t swinging the Zanjeer hard enough to draw blood the way that the adults are, but they will eventually be expected to emulate their elders and mutilate themselves.

This isn’t as bad as Ashura gets. Here are some photos from the same event in India. It’s only a matter of time until they start openly cutting babies here too.



This is INSANE! Please don’t tell me that SHARIA is not in America!

Watch: (Warning: Strong and Violent Images)

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H/T: TeaParty

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