Muslims Gang-Rape Christian Baby Girl After Her Father Refuses to Convert to Islam


To fully understand the mindset and the agenda of many of the Muslims immigrating to America, it is important to examine their societies in the Middle East and Asia.

How do these Muslim societies treat non-Muslims? How do they respond to authority? How do they treat women?

Because how they behave at home is what they’re going to bring to our shores.

Take, for instance, the case of this 2-year-old Christian girl who was raped nearly to death because her father refused to convert to Islam.

Is that really the kind of thing we want happening in America?

This is precisely the reason President Trump has restricted immigration from certain Muslim countries and communities, because their values and agenda simply aren’t compatible with our own.

Liberals will cry “racism,” but it’s not about race. If this is how these societies want to behave, that’s their problem. But they can’t do it here.

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