Muslims Tell Female Politician to Wear Hijab, Get RUDE Wake-Up Call


Muslim authorities in Saudi Arabia got a rude wake-up call when they demanded a visiting Western female politician wear a hijab.

Not only did she refuse to wear the Islamic head covering. She took her defiance a step further as a protest of Sharia Law.

The politician in question was German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. She was in Saudi Arabia last Thursday to discuss a military training program.

Woman of power

A woman of power visiting to meet with Saudi princes is already something of a slap in the face. In Saudi Arabia, women aren’t even allowed to drive, let alone vote.

But in the West, we have female leaders. So it happens that the Saudis must sometimes host women politicians. But they strongly expect those women to conform to Sharia Law while in the Muslim kingdom.

Von der Leyen was having none of it.

Not only did he refuse to wear a hijab, she dressed in a tight-fitting pantsuit.

For those unfamiliar, women in Saudi Arabia are also required to wear an abaya, a loose-fitting robe to hide their figure.

Von der Leyen went to the opposite extreme in defiance of her hosts.

She later issued a statement reading:

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“No woman in my delegation will be required to wear the abaya, as the right to choose one’s attire is a right shared by men and women equally.”

Muslim Outrage

The Saudi government refrained from responding openly to Von der Leyen’s decision. But Arab social media exploded over the incident.

One outraged Muslim tweeted:

“The German Defense Minister: not wearing the hijab in Saudi was deliberate. This is an insult to Saudi Arabia!”

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Double Standard

As Mad World News astutely pointed out, visiting female politicians are not legally required to wear a hijab in Saudi Arabia. But many do in surrender to Islamic dictates.

Of course, to expect visiting Muslim politicians to similarly respect our culture would be immediately branded as “Islamophobia.”

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