Muslims Beat Christian For Drinking Their Water


Devout Muslims in Pakistan recently beat a Christian boy for daring to drink water from the fountain in their mosque.

The mosque in question is a public facility, meaning the water fountain is for the use of everyone. Unless you are a Christian living in a Muslim country.

The Express Tribune further reported that Christians in Pakistan routinely face abuse at the hands of Muslims. Many are even forcibly converted to Islam.

A Christian woman by the name of Asia Bibi is now on death row after being charged with blasphemy.

Her crime? A Muslim woman claimed Bibi had contaminated a public well by putting its water to her Christian lips.

Liberals in the West will wail over minor offense to Muslim sensitivities. But they ignore Muslim abuse of Christians. And it is this kind of behavior that characterizes Islam in most places around the world.

We had to remove the video cause of its violence, but you can watch it here…

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