Muslims Admit They Are the Problem, Trump Acting Reasonably


Straight from the horse’s mouth! Even Muslims admit President Trump’s actions are a reasonable reaction to their behavior!

A leading Muslim scholar caused a firestorm after he accused Muslim immigrants in the West of provoking Europeans and Americans.

In an interview on Egypt’s Al-Nahar TV, Egyptian intellectual Dr. Khaled Montaser pointed out that it’s only Muslim immigrants that cause problems in Western nations. Members of other religions, such as Buddhism, integrate without causing trouble.

The reason for this, according to the expert, is sure to cause OUTRAGE among most Muslims.

Montaser said the problem is that many Muslims still see themselves as engaged in jihad. “There is a problem that we must acknowledge: our interpretation of our religion is in conflict with modernity.”

And, he continued, while many try to blame extremism on poverty and other oppressive circumstances, in reality this destructive behavior is being fueled by the holy texts of Islam. “We must admit… that there are elements in our books of heritage that incite to this.”

WHOA! Again, you just heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

PLEASE SHARE THIS – all liberals need to hear it before they criticize President Trump for trying to keep our borders safe!

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