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Muslim Video Shows 12-yr-old Girl, then Her Worst Nightmare Join her in Bed


A new video is going viral showing a wedding between a 12-year-old girl and a 80-year-old man.

Yes, no typo here… 80-year-old.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The “bride,” clearly a terrified child, sits dressed in lace and satin as the “groom” is welcomed into the room by a gaggle of black-clad women, who likely were forced into the same cruel fate themselves as children.

As the fossil climbed onto the bed with the girl, cameras snapped everywhere.

The poor child never looked up. She had likely been sold to the highest bidder, given away to settle a dispute or married off to seal a family alliance.

In the Muslim world, a man entering her bedroom would occur only after the marriage ceremony, so apparently they’ve all gathered to celebrate the poor child being raped.


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