Muslim Tries to Have Man Arrested for ‘Insulting Islam’, But Gets BRUTAL Reality Check Instead


Liberals often scoff at conservatives’ claims that Muslim jihadists “hate our freedoms.” But there is truth to the statement, and there’s one freedom we hold most dear that Islamists are keen to strip away.

Western-style freedom of speech is simply incompatible with Sharia Law.

That’s because our laws permit us to verbally criticize or even insult anyone and anything without threat of legal repercussion. And that includes religious and religious figures.

Liberals constantly bash Christianity and Jesus while suffering absolutely no legal consequences for doing so. But Muslims will not tolerate the same being done to Islam and their Prophet Mohammed.

Under Sharia Law, the penalty for insulting Islam is death. Things haven’t gone that far yet, but anyone with their eyes open in recent years can’t have missed the numerous Muslim attempts to outlaw criticism of their religion.

One Muslim woman in London apparently thinks that it’s already illegal to insult Islam, because she tried to have a man with whom she was arguing arrested for just that crime.

In the vile video clip below, a young Muslim activist secretly recorded an elderly British man who explained that people like him no longer trust Muslims. The activist is “offended” and threatens to call the police:

The comments on that video are almost ALL fiercely against the Muslims activists.

Average folks in both Europe and the US are fed up with Muslim jihadists trying to rewrite our laws and strip our freedoms.

The sad reality is that the man in the video could face charges for what the UK calls “incitement to racial hatred.” But what it really is is an Islamic assault on our freedoms.

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After all, when was the last time an atheist was arrested for insulting Jesus?

If we want to protect our freedoms, we need to act NOW.

H/T Mad World News

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