Muslim Thug Mocks Widow Crying at Murder Trial, Judge’s 6 Words SHUTS HIM UP Forever


Judge spotted criminal’s smirk during murder trial. He shouted him down with 6 words … no smiling anymore.

Basim Henry, 32, Kevin Roberts, 33, Hanif Thompson, 29, and Karif Ford, 31, killed 30-year-old Dustin Friedland as he tried to defend his 27-old-year wife, Jamie. At the Short Hills mall.
Dustin was able to save his wife but not himself. Jamie saw his husband dying in her arms.

NYDAILY reports:

Dustin Friedland had just let his beloved spouse Jamie into their luxury SUV, packed with holiday gifts. He was walking around to the driver’s side when two crooks ambushed him and demanded his keys, a source close to the investigation told the Daily News. “He knew his wife was in there and he refused.”

The brave Hoboken attorney resisted — and in the struggle four shots were fired, one of which mortally wounded Friedland, police said.
His 2012 Range Rover, worth at least $70,000, was found in the back of an abandoned Newark house, police said.

Ravin addressed Henry before reading his sentence.

“Most people who want nice things, they work for them,” Ravin said. “But you, Mr. Henry. You hunt. And if some car owner stands between you and your prey – God help them.”

During the trial in Newark, Judge Ravin’s outrage over the crimes took a very personal turn, prompting him to shout that he can smile all he wants but he’ll be doing it in prison “for the rest of your life.”

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