Muslim Terrorist Wrote a Note to President Trump Before Detonating Bomb in New York City


New York City and the federal government have now both filed terror charges against Akayed Ullah, the man who detonated a pipe bomb in a busy bus terminal last week.

During their investigation, authorities found a number of threatening notes written in Ullah’s passport.

The morning of the attack itself, Ullah also took to Facebook and wrote a message to President Trump:

“Trump you failed to protect your nation.”

The charge is a bit disingenuous given that Ullah, and many other terrorists, managed to enter the US thanks to the policies of preceding presidents, not Trump.

Ullah came to America from Bangladesh in 2011. He reportedly began to radicalize via ISIS propaganda found on the Internet in 2014.

Trump himself has blamed the immigration policies of Barack Obama for facilitating such attacks.

Source: Dennis Michael Lynch

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