Muslim Terrorist Was Actually Given Job as Immigration Officer!


Want to know why groups like ISIS are able to so effectively exploit the wave of Middle East immigrants to infiltrate Western nations?

It’s because we are too foolish to take even the most basic precautions.

Before going on a stabbing spree on the streets of Paris that left one dead and four others wounded, Khamzat Azimov was the roommate of Abdoul Hakim Anaiev, a fellow Chechen Muslim and French immigration officer.

Some genius thought it was a good idea to let Anaiev decide which other immigrants would be allowed into the country, despite the fact that he was living with a known terrorist.

Authorities acknowledged that the stabber, Azimov, was on terrorist watch lists. But, because Anaiev himself had no criminal record, they saw no problem in letting him do such a sensitive job.

Anaiev was later arrested as an accomplice to Azimov’s crime. Too bad no one thought to consider his allegiances earlier.

One must now wonder how many other radicals Anaiev and people like him have allowed into France, Germany and perhaps even America.

Source: Daily Express

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