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Muslim Teen Lies About Trump Supporters Attacking Her


Her tale of a hate crime perpetrated by white Trump supporters had liberals frothing at the mouth. Now she is cowering in shame.

A Middle Eastern Muslim teenager claimed that white Trump supporters harassed her on the New York subway.

But the truth was that she was late for curfew. So she shouted “hate crime” knowing the liberal media would believe her without checking the facts.

Unfortunately for her, the NYPD doesn’t play such games, and managed to make her spill the beans.

The alleged incident occurred on December 1, when 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid was riding the No. 6 train home.

According to her false statement, a group of drunk white men called her a terrorist and tried to snatch her hijab.

She said the men chanted “Donald Trump” as they abused her.

What’s more, Seweid claimed that none of the other passengers intervened. That they approved of the hate crime.

She even posted about it on Facebook: “I was harassed on the subway last night. And it was just so dehumanizing I can’t speak about it without getting emotional.”

False Testimony

Of course, in reality, there was nothing to intervene over.

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The story matched a lot of other claims against Trump supporters across the country, but it was entirely false.

“Nothing happened, and there was no victim,” a police source told NY Daily News.

“She had numerous opportunities to admit nothing happened and she kept sticking by her story,” the source added.

Not only was Seweid afraid of breaking curfew, she had been out drinking with friends. A no-no for religious Muslims.

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Furthermore, she was out drinking with her Christian boyfriend.

So ashamed was her family that they forced Yasmin to shave her head.

At least she doesn’t live in the Middle East. Over there Muslim families murder their female children over such offenses.

But Yasmin won’t get off so easy for lying to the police.

She was charged this week in Manhattan Criminal Court and faces up to a year in jail.

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