Muslim stabbed his wife 57 times, gouged out right eye because she REFUSED To…


An honor-killer husband who wanted to fight for IS in Syria once sliced his wife’s hand because she refused to read a book about sharia law, a court has heard.

Sabah Al-Mdwali was found dead in their home with 57 stab wounds, right eyed gouged out and two fingers amputated. He did this in front of their three young children.

Why are there no photos of this woman? Because she was forced to be shrouded in a cloth coffin.

A relative said:  “He told me that his wife doesn’t leave the house. She leaves the house once every six months and that’s with him,”

Where are the feminists? Where are the marches of Muslim women demanding equality under the sharia?

The young mother of three was found in bushes in the suburb of Broadmeadows in June last year and her husband was later charged with her murder. Mr Drumgold said there had been increasing tension between the pair, as Al-Harazi wanted to return to Yemen, but his wife did not. (ABC)

Folks, she was brutally killed cause she refused to go back to Yemen and live under Sharia… did you hear that?

We need to keep SHARIA out of America and we need to stand with President Trump and his TRAVEL BAN!

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