Muslim Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Busts Into Hospital and Does Something Horrifying to Female Doctor


How many times are we going to have to find out the hard way that Islam’s treatment of women is incompatible with our culture and society?

How many women will have to pay the price for our politically-correct willful ignorance?

This young female doctor was doing absolutely nothing wrong, even in the eyes of Sharia Law (well, she is a woman in a “man’s” job, so for some Muslims, that’s enough of an offense).

And still, she was violently attacked IN THE HOSPITAL by a Muslim man she doesn’t even know.

Here’s her harrowing account:

“While I was passing through the corridor, I heard a sound of growling. Then, we got eye contact with that person that I do not know. I got scared at that point and moved to the side (of the hall) and tried to get away from the site. At that point, he chased me. I ran to the yellow area and he ran after me. There was nobody around. He chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and suddenly jumped over from my back and made me fall down. He first hit my head to the chair; then, to the floor. On top of that, he bit my head. I screamed. At that time, security came but he did not let my hair go for a long time. While he was holding and pulling my hair, he said things like ‘wait and see; it is not over yet.’ Because of his pulling of my hair, nearly half of my hair on the right side of my head fell off.”

Now, this incident occurred in Turkey, which is going through a process of Islamic radicalization. So, you can be almost certain this man won’t suffer any serious consequences for this attack.

After all, he only hurt a woman. And a woman who was violating Sharia by working for a living.

Once again – if you are a real feminist, then you simply CAN’T continue to excuse and support Muslim values. Islam is not a religion of peace, and it certainly isn’t a religion of feminism.

Via Geller Report

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