Muslim Refugees See Jesus in a Dream. Then Something Incredible Happens


This is what’s possible when we don’t let political correctness get in the way.

Muslim immigration can be an opportunity for Christian witness. But liberals are are more concerned with letting Islam take over and simultaneously bashing Christians.

Well, at least one church isn’t letting the liberal agenda get in their way.

From Christianity Today:

Their miraculous stories are among the remarkable events that have been taking place this year at St Mark’s, part of the Hanley team ministry in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, which has seen more than 50 Muslims convert to Christianity in one year alone.

“We say everybody is welcome. We worship one God. What we do in church, we do in the name of Jesus.”

At least two of the converts came to Christ as a result of dreams.

“One man, Hassan, had a dream. In this dream, Jesus came to him as a light. He told him to come to this church and be baptised. He knew it was the Lord who had wrapped himself around him.

“Another man saw Jesus in a dream and he was shown a picture of this very church.

“So many supernatural or mystic experiences seem to be happening. It is wonderful to be part of. It is all quite messy, we are not organised at all.”

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