Muslim Refugees Kick Mothers and Children Out of Public Park, But It’s Police Response That’s Truly Worrying


Muslim refugees invaded a public park and kicked out “Christian” mothers and their children.

That’s bad enough. But what’s got local residents truly concerned is what police officers who responded to the scene had to say about the situation.

From Breitbart:

A children’s park in the eastern German town of Ebersdorf has been taken over by young male asylum seekers who terrorize locals and have banned women and children from entering the playground.

The police in the area admit that the park has become a gathering place for asylum seekers who often drink alcohol there. Authorities recorded a total of 14 offences this year including sexual harassment, threats, and violent assault. Ten suspects have been identified in connection with the various incidents, all of them asylum seekers.

That’s it. That’s the police response. To acknowledge that there’s a problem. And then do little-to-nothing about it.

This is how our cities are slowly, but surely being conquered for Islam. Because we refuse to do anything about it.

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