Muslim Refugees DESTROY Taxpayer-Funded Home, the Reason Why is SICK


More and more stories of ungrateful Muslim refugees mistreating their host nations are coming to light.

And they demonstrate one of the key reasons President Trump’s immigration reforms are so necessary.

Take, for instance, a recent report out of Germany, where four young Somali refugees DESTROYED the house and belongings provided to them by German taxpayers.

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The reason they did so will make you FURIOUS.

Turns out, the refugees hadn’t gotten everything they demanded from the Germans.

They wanted a PlayStation, and there wasn’t one in the apartment.

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So they destroyed it.

Yes, refugees making demands of their hosts, and then throwing childish tantrums when they don’t get what they want.

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This is the type of entitled attitude our politically correct society is encouraging.

We need to get this situation under control.

The way things are now put us in danger and doesn’t provide any real help to the “refugees.”

H/T Conservative Tribune

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