Muslim Refugees Are Escaping Arizona Like the PLAGUE – All It Took Was ONE Brilliant Change


The great state of Arizona has been forced to resettle more than it’s fair share of Muslim refugees. However, millions of these migrants are now leaving the state in droves because of one simple things residents are doing.

Mad World News reported that at least half of the 7,351 Somalian migrants that have been resettled in Arizona have already left because there was not enough welfare and government benefits for them. In addition, they left because the state requires them to learn English and find jobs in order to get food stamps.

Like any refugee in the U.S., those who are resettled in Arizona receive a lump payment of $925 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The migrants then expect the state that receives them to foot the rest of their bills, but Arizona isn’t having any of it.

Instead, the state does not offer refugees any additional benefits unless they are taking the steps to earn them.1

In order to get welfare, refugees must complete a monthly report proving that they are taking English classes and looking for jobs. If they skip language classes or do not look for work, their food stamps are immediately cut off.

Muslim migrants are furious about this and have responded by fleeing Arizona in favor of going to more liberal states, where they can have everything handed to them.

However, we think Arizona really has the right idea on this one!

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