Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Radicals Releases SHOCKING Photos of Their New Method To HUMILIATE Women! This Is Beyond Horrific


Batoola: It is a brass object that prevents women to be seen by men. It’s also used to prevent women to speak in public places. This is what Souad Sbai writes on “Il giornale” a famous right-wing newspaper in Italy.

It is similar to a dog muzzle.

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It’s used a lot in some Islamic nations for unmarried virgin women.

A ‘batoola’ or ‘batula’ is a traditional face covering typically worn by Bedouin women from the Persian Gulf region, which includes Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The crazy thing is that you can also buy a silk version in America on amazon:

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Liberals believe that is a beautiful thing; this explains much about their understanding of “women rights”.


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