Muslim ‘Police Force’ Hijacks American Town… What the People Did Next is AWESOME


Sharia Law is coming to America if we don’t act fast to stop it.

Thankfully, with the election of President Trump, the people seem to have a renewed will to fight against the conquest of America by Islam.

But that doesn’t mean radical Muslims won’t keep trying.

In Minneapolis, at least one Muslim has even started putting on a uniform and patrolling the streets as Muslim “Religious Police.”

That’s the type of thing that exists in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

It does NOT belong in America.


This man, Abdullah Rashid, walks around in a dark green uniform labeled “Muslim Defense Force” and “Religious Police” and forces locals to adhere to and respect Sharia Law.

According to Mad World News, he has managed to enlist at least a dozen young Muslim THUGS to join him.

But the people have had ENOUGH and are now trying to involve the REAL police in bringing down Rashid and his Muslim gang.

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Let’s hope the Minneapolis police are willing to put the rule of AMERICAN law ahead of political correctness.

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