Muslim migrants give Obama NASTY surprise as he lands in Italy


Barack Obama landed in Italy this week to push his Islam-loving globalist agenda.

But immediately upon touching down in the European nation, he got a NASTY surprise from Muslim “refugees” there.

A female journalist and her cameraman were sent out to do a story on the dire living conditions of African Muslim migrants in Rome.

Instead of delivering what they hoped would be a powerful and moving story, the reporters were viciously ATTACKED by the Muslims.

In the following video, the two can be seen fleeing for their safety from the very same migrants that they and Obama claim are peace-loving and integral to our future.

Now, for Obama, this assault was really bad news.

It came just days before his public address, and threatened to overshadow the liberal crap he intended to spew.

Actions speak louder than words. And it’s the actions of those violent migrants, rather than the words of Obama, that Italians were more likely to remember.

Source: Breitbart

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