Muslim Man Yells Stabs Cop in Neck Yelling “Allah Akbar, But He’s “Not a Terrorist” According To Relative


Opinion| The attacker, Dzenan Camovic, a practicing Muslim man according to early reports, lunged at an NYPD officer and allegedly stabbed him in the neck, and was reportedly was shouting “Allahu Akbar” at the time of the attack according to an article published in the Gateway Pundit.

Camovic allegedly then grabbed a gun belonging to another officer, resulting in two other cops suffering gunshot wounds.

A sergeant who had responded to the call began firing at Camovic, who was hit a total of eight times by bullets. All three of the policemen are expected to make a complete recovery, and Camovic is in critical condition in the hospital.

A relative of Camovic says that he was definitely not a terrorist.

The NY Post reported:

Sources also said that while Camovic wasn’t on the radar of anti-terror investigators, he’d been in contact with people who were and his family may have a “nexus to terrorism.”

The relative, who was seen speaking to a pair of FBI agents outside the Brooklyn apartment building where Camovic lives with his parents and sister, said, “I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, but it’s easy to accuse a Muslim of terrorism.”

“It’s the first offense that comes to mind when someone mentions Muslim,” he said.

“He might have been attacked yesterday, it could have been provoked and he might have mentioned — like anyone would mention God — he might have said Allah, but no one knows. I just hope law enforcement will do their due diligence.”

Camovic’s relative also alluded to last week’s police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked protests across the country, including in New York City the past seven nights.

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