Muslim Man Busts Into NY Church, Forces Christians To Do the UNTHINKABLE


Muslim violence against Christians has long been commonplace in the Middle East. It’s becoming more of a problem in Europe. And already in America we are seeing the first signs of the worrying trend.

If we don’t do something soon, we’ll slide down that slippery slope.

The really concerning part of all this is how our own legal system is failing to protect Americans, and in particular Christians, against this threat.

When a homeless Muslim man broke into a New York City church and threatened to kill all the Christians who attend, the police response was nothing short of appalling.

New York Daily News reports that the Muslim man, a Noel Droni, busted the windows of Times Square Church and told a staff member he would kill all the Christians.

Between threats, Droni was shouting “Allahu akbar” – the Islamic war cry.

Police responded and arrested Droni.

However, his bail was set at a pitiful $1,000.

Meaning this dangerous Muslim lunatic could very easily be back out on the streets and given an opportunity to make good on his threat.

How is that protecting the American people?

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