Muslim Leader Accidentally Admits Islam is Violent, Intolerant


Islam a religion of peace and tolerance? A top Muslim academic authority recently, and presumably accidentally, admitted that is simply not true.

Al Azhar University in Cairo is the Islamic world’s most prestigious academic institution. And that makes its imam, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, one of the leading Muslim scholars.

The problem is that Al Azhar continues to use books written in the medieval era or earlier to teach young Muslims. And not just any young Muslims, but those who upon graduation will the most educated in the Islamic world.

Anyone familiar with history will know that the Islam of the Middle Ages was just as intolerant as the Islam of today. Only it didn’t try to claim to be a religion of peace and tolerance. It conquered and subjugated and persecuted infidels.

That is why some Muslim reformers want Al Azhar to drop these books from its curriculum.

True Islam

But al-Tayeb insisted there was no reason to “change the religious discourse,” as many are calling for.

Why? Well, because, as al-Tayeb acknowledged, his institution “doesn’t change religious discourse—Al Azhar proclaims the true religious discourse, which we learned from our elders.”

As Arab media commentator Raymond Ibrahim pointed out:

“Now the highest Muslim authority in Egypt has made clear that Al Azhar never had any intention of changing anything, that the ‘religious discourse’ articulated in the Medieval era—one of hostility and violence for the other, in a word, jihad—is the only ‘discourse’ Muslims can accept.”

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