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Muslim Immigration Is On The RISE, and So Is A Horrifying “Practice”



According to the Centers for Disease Control, the horrifying case in Detroit where a Muslim doctor was arrested for practicing female genital mutilation was just the teensiest tip of the iceberg in this country.

The CDC posits that as many as 513,000 girls and women, primarily in New York, Washington D.C. and Minneapolis, are at risk of that brutality as the girls and women hail from Muslim countries.

The CDC states that the massive increase in the monstrous practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) is “wholly a result of rapid growth in the number of immigrants from FGM/C-practicing countries living in the United States.”

Both Muslim parents and licensed Muslim doctors at well-known hospitals are executing the practice.

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America, which according to The Post “renders official religious rulings for Muslims living in the U.S.,” says clitoris cutting is good for women.

Senior AMJA official Dr. Hatem Elhagaly said the Muslim prophet Muhammad was quoted approving the practice in a hadith; “A very small portion of the clitoris may be removed in the procedure.”

One more reason, we need to stop Muslim invasion in America!

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