Muslim Gang Caught Bombing Three Churches. This is Their Punishment


It flew under the radar of the mainstream media (big surprise), but 36 Muslim jihadists have been sentenced to death for their roles in the bombing of three churches.

The attacks all took place in Egypt, and Cairo is NOT messing around when it comes to dealing with such problems, despite being a Muslim nation.

The Christian Post reports:

Thirty-six militants accused of being part of Islamic State cells in Egypt have received preliminary death sentences for their alleged involvement in the bombing of three churches.

A military court has referred the cases of 36 defendants to the nation’s Grand Mufti with the recommendation that they be put to death. The defendants were convicted of being involved in four different acts of terror that occurred in 2016 and 2017, including the bombings of two churches on Palm Sunday last year, and an attack on a police checkpoint. They’re also accused of being part of the Islamic State cells in Cairo and Qena.

Dozens of people were killed and hundreds wounded, nearly all Christians, in these heinous attacks.

Now, as noted in the report, the nation’s top Islamic authority appears to have the final say on whether or not these terrorists are put to death, so anything could happen.

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