Muslim Explains Why He Beheaded Innocent American Woman, and Liberals Just Yawn


Some pretty shocking details are coming out as the trial of a Muslim man who beheaded a woman at an Oklahoma food plant nears its conclusion.

Well, they would be shocking if we weren’t already intimately familiar with the ways of the “religion of peace.”

Via Texas Police News:

Murder defendant Alton Alexander Nolen told Moore police and the FBI that he beheaded one woman at a Moore food plant because he felt oppressed by her and tried to behead another for disrespecting him.

“That’s what Allah said in the Quran,” he told the interviewers.

The jury at his murder trial Wednesday were listening to recordings of two statements the Muslim convert made in the days after the Sept. 25, 2014, attack.

Nolen began the first interview by stating “I’m a Muslim,” after he was read his rights. He ended the first interview by saying he is going to Heaven.

Nolan’s defense is arguing that he be found not guilty by reason of insanity. They say that because he’s insane, he misinterpreted Islamic teachings.

Of course, if Nolan’s insane, then so are Islam’s top scholars over there in the Middle East, who are saying the EXACT SAME THINGS that Nolan said to justify his gruesome crime.

Naturally, the mainstream liberal media is ignoring this story completely.

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Doesn’t fit their narrative.

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