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Muslim cleric: Muslims may dress as priests or rabbis to carry out attacks


Disclaimer: We are not posting this video in support of Sheikh Walid’s message of intolerance.

We simply want to expose his dangerous teaching, and shed light on the fact that he is encouraging the most heinous of terrorist acts, done in a cowardly and deceitful way.

Walid Al-Wadaan is a Saudi professor at the University of Muhammed Ben Saud in Raid/KSA.

Here what he said:

“Some of these young martyrs are forced to dress like a woman or a rabbi or shave his beard so that he could engage in this aspect what is the ruling on that?”

“I see this issue, or as it looks like (God knows), divided to two parts:

The first part is when he disguises himself, by dressing like priests or rabbis, and then enters the ranks of the enemy to carry out his operation. There is no problem in this. In my opinion it os permissible.

It is included in the permission that the prophet gave when he allowed lying in war.”


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