Muslim Cadet REFUSES To Remove Hijab – Military School IMMEDIATELY Wipes Smug Grin Off Her Face


The mainstream media claims that Muslim migrants simply want to be part of American culture and have no intention of forcing us to submit to Shariah law. Stories like this, however, remind us that this could not be further from the truth.

A Muslim student who is preparing to attend a historic military academy in South Carolina is trying to force the school to allow her to wear a hijab. The U.S. military, however, isn’t having any of it, and they quickly let her know that she is not above the rules.

The Citadel is a military college that has operated as a school for 175 years, and in that time, it has not allowed an exception to the dress code once. There, students are required to be in uniform at all times while on campus, with the exception of two instances. They may wear bathing suits while out of swimming and wear what they want during a furlough, which only upper-year students enjoy.

The Muslim student was well aware of this dress code when she applied to the school, yet she now expects them to change the rules for her. The Citadel’s president just explained the school’s decision not to submit to her demands, saying, “The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions, and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college.”

“This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self, during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit,” the president added.

The Muslim student is now suing the school with the support of the terror-funded Council of American-Islamic Relations. This is just the latest instance of a Muslim demanding special treatment while in the U.S.

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