Mueller’s Anti-Trump Witch Hunt is Larger—and Further Along—Than You Think


They’re determined to take down President Trump.

Despite all the things that could and should put an immediate end to the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation against Trump, the witch hunt is actually getting bigger.

Even the Nunes (FISA) memo detailing outrageous anti-Trump bias at the FBI and Department of Justice apparently hasn’t put a dent in the proceedings.

According to Wired:

We speak about the “Mueller probe” as a single entity, but it’s important to understand that there are no fewer than five (known) separate investigations under the broad umbrella of the special counsel’s office—some threads of these investigations may overlap or intersect, some may be completely free-standing, and some potential targets may be part of multiple threads.

As explained in the article, the Nunes memo contained information that will likely only slow down one of those five investigations.

But, because they are all interlinked, the parts of that damaged investigation that were explicitly refuted can and probably will be absorbed by the other investigations.

In other words, this thing is a LOT bigger and more unstoppable than we previously thought.

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