Mueller Star Witness Against Trump is a Convicted Pedophile… Where The Heck Is The Media?


It’s time for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt to come to an end. It has been reported by the Gateway Pundit that Mueller has gone so far in his quest to bring down President Donald Trump that he has used a convicted pedophile as his star witness. The pervert’s name is George Nader.

Just last week Mike Cernovich sent out a tweet claiming that Robert Mueller’s star witness had been convicted of child porn and “raping 10 year boys.” He also stated that it was “funny how ABC leave *that* out of this story.” He then linked to the ABC article.

The media is hiding the disgusting truth that Robert Mueller is using a convicted pedophile as his star witness against Trump. This guy actually raped 10-year-old boys.

In March, Bloomberg reported on the pedophile star witness:

How did George Nader — Lebanese-American businessman, globe-trotting “fixer,” convicted child molester — get caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation?

The answer, it seems, can be found in the shadows, where Nader has long operated.

His long history included intrepid back-channel mediation between Israel and Arab countries — and a 15-year-old pedophilia conviction in Europe that has not been previously reported. But Mueller, in his investigation of President Donald Trump, his campaign and possible wrongdoing connected to Russia, is focused on Nader’s role in two high-level get-togethers after the presidential election, according to three people familiar with the case.

A few days prior to the inauguration of President Trump, Nader was moving through Dulles International Airport near Washington. He was headed to Mar-a-Lago resort, which is owned by the President. Nader never made it to Mar-a-Lago. Investigative members of Robert Mueller’s team stopped Nader, took his electronics, and sent him to his lawyer. Nader agreed to comply with Mueller.

Nader was convicted of sexual abuse in Prague, but it is not clear whether or not Mueller and his team knew about the charges. Sandeep Savla, a lawyer to Nader, claimed that information about his client was being leaked in order to keep him from complying.

“This is nothing more than an orchestrated, disgusting scheme by those who are trying to intimidate Mr. Nader into silence. It won’t work,” he claimed. “Mr. Nader will continue to answer truthfully questions put to him by the special counsel.”

Kathy Ruemmler served as White House counsel during the Obama era. She also is among the attorneys representing Nader. She would not answer questions on the matter.

Bloomberg writes, “A George Nader was convicted by Prague’s Municipal Court of 10 cases of sexually abusing minors and sentenced to a one-year prison term in May 2003, court spokeswoman Marketa Puci told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She said the crimes occurred between 1999 and 2002. She said Nader served time in a Prague prison, though it isn’t clear how much. He was then ordered expelled. Puci said Nader was convicted of ‘moral corruption of minors, sexual abuse and impairing morals,’ after abusing underage boys. In one case, Nader requested oral sex from a 14-year-old boy in a room at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, Puci said. After the boy refused, Nader masturbated in front of him and paid him 2,000 koruna — worth about $100 today, she said.”

It’s truly disgusting that Mueller is actually willing to use a child rapist as his star witness just to bring Trump down. There is NO evidence that any collusion ever took place, and this witch hunt has got to come to an end soon.

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