Mueller is About to Charge Someone in Russia Scandal. Here’s What We Know So Far…


They’re really trying to drag out the suspense with this one. No doubt, it’s being done to give the mainstream media an opportunity to make everyone think that President Trump’s going down.

But with so many legal experts agreeing that there’s simply no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, if Mueller comes out and indicts the president or anyone too close to him, America is going to riot.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already been exposed as an agent of the Democratic “resistance” to Trump.

The whole thing is little more than a witch hunt.

Don’t get me wrong. If Russia really did interfere (beyond the extent that the US routinely interferes in foreign elections), then something should be done about it.

But the way this whole thing’s being handled is clearly part of the larger effort to delegitimize Trump.

Anyway, to the news at hand. Monday promises to be an exciting day…maybe.

NBC reports:

A federal grand jury in Washington has approved the first criminal charges in the special counsel’s investigation into Russian election interference, two sources told NBC News, marking a significant milestone in an inquiry that has roiled Donald Trump’s presidency.

Mueller’s Special Counsel’s Office will make public an indictment on Monday, a U.S. official with firsthand knowledge of the process confirmed to NBC News, without disclosing the name of the target or the nature of the charges. The timing was confirmed by a second source familiar with the matter.

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So, there you go.

Either they’re keeping the identities concealed because we’re talking about some big names close to Trump, in which case this could be an absurd miscarriage of justice.

Or, it’s names of little consequence on the national stage, and they’re just overhyping so their buddies in the mainstream media can make a story out of it.

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