MTV Libtard Mocks Jeff Sessions’ Asian Grandchildren, Gets INSTANT JUSTICE


Like most loudmouth liberals, MTV “news writer” Ira Madison III wants you to think Donald Trump and his entire administration are racist bigots.

And that goes especially for incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But, in an inconvenient twist for liberals, Sessions’ daughter is happily married to an Asian-American, and he has four Asian-American grandchildren.

Kind of hard to see how the daughter of such a vile white supremacist would ever choose to marry an Asian man.

Unless, of course, Sessions really isn’t racist.

But that simple explanation just wasn’t good enough for Madison, who tweeted that Sessions must have stolen the children from Toys “R” Us as “props” for his confirmation hearings.

As most people know, it’s quite normal for families to attend these confirmation hearings as moral support. So, it was no surprise that Sessions’ grandchildren were in attendance. And, yes, they are Asian. Get over it.

Madison faced a ferocious backlash on social media, and was forced to delete his offensive tweets.

But he was at it again later in the day, defending his earlier remarks.

“Sad that many don’t see Sessions’ legitimate history of racism as a cause for concern today, but he can deeply affect our country,” he tweeted.

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Jeff Sessions is going to be our attorney general. And he must not be that racist if his daughter grew up to marry a man of a different race.

But you know what is racist, Madison? Calling young Asian-American children “props” because their mere existence is inconvenient for your agenda.

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