MTV Awards Plays ‘F**K Donald Trump’ Song During Commercial Break, What Happens Next …


MTV’s favorite thing these days is no arts but attacking Trump.

The song “F**k Donald Trump” was blasted throughout the arena during one of the commercial breaks.

The song, officially titled “FTD,” was released by rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle in 2016. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

F**k Donald Trump
F**k Donald Trump
Yeah, n***a, f**k Donald Trump
Yeah, yeah, f**k Donald Trump

I like white folks, but I don’t like you
All the n***as in the hood wanna fight you
Surprised El Chapo ain’t tried to snipe you
Surprised the Nation of Islam ain’t tried to find you
Have a rally out in L.A., we gon’ f**k it up
Home of the Rodney King riot, we don’t give a f**k

As reported by Mediaite, from host Katy Perry, to Paris Jackson, to Jared Leto, Pink, and “Saturday Night Live’s” Pete Davidson, the mission of the night was clear: Trash Trump at every opportunity. Above all else.


Here’s some people reactions:

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