MSNBC’s Deutsch Advises Biden to ‘Stay in the Basement’ for Campaign — ‘The Less of Joe, the Better’


During Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, network contributor Donny Deutsch told 2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden to “stay in the basement” and campaign while President Donald Trump continues to “continually put his foot in his mouth” in the daily coronavirus press briefings.

Deutsch acknowledged Biden’s issues, but likened him to “comfort food.” He added that the less of Biden out on the campaign, “the better,” while the more Trump stays in the spotlight, the more likely he is to hurt himself and “hand” the election to the Democrats.

“As we all know, an incumbent presidential election is a referendum on the incumbent, let him get out there,” Deutsch emphasized. “Let [Trump] continually put his foot in his mouth. And the idealized version — I think the less of Joe, the better. Joe Biden — the ideal version of Joe Biden — is the best version because when he goes out there, unfortunately, he does stumble a little bit, but we know he’s comfort food, we know we can trust him. We know he’s solid. …

Even if he completely disappeared and just gave the stage to Trump, that would be a win for him. So, you combine his less than stellar kind of on-camera performances — and I love him, I think he’s a fantastic candidate, but just being honest there — versus let him kind of stay back.

He continued, “Let Donald Trump have the stage. Trump can’t help himself. Joe, I know he watches the show, you told him not to, but, Donald, keep doing what you’re doing, brother.

That’s all you’ve got to do to hand it to the Democrats. Just keep getting out there, tap dance, and open your mouth, Biden, you’ll be fine. Biden, you stay in the basement.”

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