Msnbc’s Chuck Todd Shocked By Biden’s Polling Hitting ‘New Bottom’: ‘My Goodness!’


MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd was utterly shocked by President Biden’s approval rating in free fall.

New polling from Quinnipiac released Wednesday offered a devastating result for Biden, showing only 33% Americans approve of his job performance after nearly a full year in office. The poll also shows him underwater on his handling of the economy, COVID and foreign policy.

Todd appeared floored by the Quinnipiac poll on Thursday’s installment of “Meet the Press: Daily.”

“Look, I know they’re never supposed to look at the poll numbers, but, my goodness” Todd exclaimed. “In the last six months, it does seem as if the Haley Barber saying of ‘good gets better and bad gets worse’ is been true.”

“Every time I think the White House thought they’ve hit bottom there seems to be a new bottom,” Todd added.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Alexander said. “They have to hope that that is an outlier, but either way it’s part of what’s been a crummy trajectory for this White House. So many of the numbers certainly well below 50 percent, in the low- to mid-40s in the course of recent weeks here.”… (Read more)

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