MSNBC: ‘We’re going to have to chloroform the Clintons to get them to stop talking’


The Democrats ran a loser and at least some of them know it.

Some of them are ready to move on and it appears they’re ready to consign Bill and Hillary to history’s scrap heap.

As Business Insider’s Josh Barro told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle it’s time to hear a lot less from the Clintons.

“Like any very close election, you can identify 20 different things that if they’d gone differently, Hillary would have won. I think if James Comey hadn’t sent that letter, she probably would have won.

On the other hand, if she never set up that private email server, she probably would have won. If Bill Clinton himself had not gotten on that stupid plane with Loretta Lynch this summer, creating all of this fuss over whether there was interference with the investigation. Thenmaybe Jim Comey wouldn’t have felt the need to get so out in front of it to demonstrate his self-independence.

If you’re the Clintons, if you’re Democrats right now, you should spend less time being upset about all the unfair things that happened to you that caused you to lose, even though there were some very unfair things that happened. Focus more on what the Democrats did wrong to lose to such an unfit candidate as Donald Trump.”

Watch (by the Daily Caller):

So they’re not letting the blame game go completely, but it seems to be dawning on them that their candidate was a flop.

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